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Puffy: Cookie Puff

Isms and I are big fans of World Square, we always seem to be walking around there during our outings and we decided we will try Puffy’s cookie puff.

It was quite a line, people were actually rushing to be in front of us. I’m guessing it must have been quite yummy.

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Isms started taking photos while lining up.
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A whole box of uncooked cookies being lay out for rising.
I have to say the service was quite fast, we were already at the counter.
The girl who served us was pretty cold, took our money and we were then expected to move over to the other side to collect our puffs.

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And Isms and I had a cookie puff each.

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It looked crispy and smelt pretty good. Till….

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Isms took a bite.
I took a bite after all those photos.

It was not crispy at all. How did that even seem to be like a cookie at all?
The filling was a tad sweet and milky. Not creamy at all.

Verdict: 5 out of 10 damns
It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. It was just… so-so. The service was cold, but fast.

Puffy Cookie Puff
World Square Shopping Centre
Cnr George, Liverpool, Pitt & Goulburn Streets, Sydney

1 puff: $1.60
6 puffs: $9.60
12 puffs: $19.20


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Beard Papa at Chatswood

So ShibaInu & I finally made the trip to Chatswood Westfield for Beard Papa on Friday, accompanied by a mutual friend, J.

Beard Papa box

Beard Papa makes the best cream puffs in the world. They have over 200 stores in Japan, and have stores in the US, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea and Hong Kong.

The puffs are fresh, soft inside, crisp outside, and the custard is absolute heaven. The custard comes in several flavours, depending on where you buy them from.

The pastry shells are first baked and cooled, and filled with custard only when you order them so they remain fresh. A sprinkle of powdered sugar/green tea/cocoa (for vanilla/green tea/chocolate respectively) and they are placed individual sleeves before being packed into boxes.

Box of 6 puffs

The Sydney version has 3 flavours, Vanilla, Chocolate and Green Tea. We didn’t get the chocolate ones because prior experience told us that the vanilla was still the best. However, J and I did try the green tea ones.


The puffs were as good as I remember them~~~ While ShibaInu and I have eaten them in Singapore, it was J’s first time and she said she really enjoyed it.


Tips when eating Beard Papa puffs:

Start from the hole where the custard was introduced into the puff. This way, the custard will only end up in your mouth and not anywhere else.

No matter how tempting, do not suck the custard when it is dripping out. Doing so will usually result in choking on the powdered sugar/green tea/cocoa. That is not a pleasant experience. Using your tongue is a more effective way.

Verdict: 9 out of 10 Damns
Because isms doesn’t give 10s.

1 puff: $2.50
6 puffs: $12.00
12 puffs: $20.00

K353a Chatswood Westfield (behind Nandos, near General Pants)
1 Anderson Street, Chatswood, Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9412 2214

Weekdays (except Thursday): 9am-6pm
Thursday: 9am-9pm
Weekends: 9am-5pm

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